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Introducing ElsaAI - The Crypto Co-Pilot

Introducing ElsaAI - The Crypto Co-Pilot

Traditional finance has undergone significant changes with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has streamlined financial processes, automated tasks, and enhanced data analytics. AI has also democratized access to advanced financial tools, improving the customer experience by providing personalized recommendations and real-time support.

Despite these advancements in AI, the world of Web3 remains complex and often overwhelming for users. Managing multiple chains, understanding DApps, and dealing with key management and gas fees create significant barriers. For crypto investors, this means a steep learning curve and ongoing education.

For example, consider a transaction where users wants to "Stake on Cosmos and Osmosis chain, by using 0.001 ETH on Base." To complete this transaction the user has to navigate various platforms, switch chains, and execute multiple transactions. This is time-consuming and requires crypto knowledge.

What the crypto space truly needs is an intelligent AI co-pilot—one that understands crypto intricacies and helps make informed decisions in real-time. Hence introducing - ElsaAI.

What is ElsaAI?

ElsaAI is an intent-based AI copilot that proactively maximises on-chain opportunities. Elsa combine the power of intents and Large Language Model (LLM). It leverages AI LLMs that translates human intents into on-chain actions, guides, and enable conversational interface.

Whether you're a complete beginner just starting to learn about cryptocurrencies or an experienced trader looking to stay informed about the latest trends and opportunities, Elsa is for everyone.

ElsaAI is designed to function akin to a ChatGPT for on-chain transactions, effortlessly executing complex tasks with minimal user intervention.

ElsaAI also adapts to user preferences and wallet activities. By analyzing on-chain behavior, Elsa will offer personalized suggestions for trades, NFTs, market trends, etc. Beyond facilitating transactions, Elsa will provide educational insights on dApps, blockchain networks, protocols, EIPs and more.

ElsaAI Automata

ElsaAI Automata is the heart of Elsa. It takes natural language inputs from the users, the automata creates the entire pipeline to execute the transaction, and the execution layer carries out the transaction—all without the user having to intervene.

At its core, the Elsa AI Automata integrates multiple components:

Supporting these are the Data Engine, Risk Management Engine, and the Elsa AI Layer, which orchestrates the overall process.

Users can manage their wallets seamlessly through MPC/AA or third-party integrations.

External agents, intent protocols, and data pipelines ensure comprehensive data integration and real-time execution, making ElsaAI a powerful and efficient AI-driven crypto assistant.

How ElsaAI Works as Your AI Co-Pilot?

Taking the above "Stake on Cosmos and Osmosis chain, by using 0.001 ETH on Base" as example again, let's see how a user can do the same transaction in just a click:

  1. State Your Goal: Simply tell ElsaAI your goal in plain language. For example, you say, "Stake on Cosmos and Osmosis chain using 0.001 ETH on Base."
  2. AI-Powered Analysis: ElsaAI interprets your goal, strategizes the best approach, and prepares for execution. It understands that it needs to swap ETH for the appropriate tokens and bridge them to the desired chains.
  3. Choose the Best Path: Using real-time data, ElsaAI selects the most efficient and safe onchain operations. It determines the best route for swapping and bridging tokens to minimize fees and maximize efficiency.
  4. Action: ElsaAI compiles and executes these operations, managing everything from token swaps to staking. It automatically swaps ETH for the necessary tokens, bridges them to the Cosmos and Osmosis chains, and stakes them as specified.
  5. Success: ElsaAI handles all the complexities, ensuring your transactions are completed efficiently and securely.

With ElsaAI, what used to be a multi-step, time-consuming process can be as simple as stating your goal and letting the AI do the rest. Complex prompts like below will be be one-click transaction.

Beta Version of ElsaAI will be live soon.


In conclusion, ElsaAI simplifies the blockchain experience by transforming user intents into precise, efficient on-chain transactions. By leveraging AI and large language models, ElsaAI decodes natural language inputs to perform complex blockchain operations automatically, from asset swaps to staking and beyond. With features like the Seedless Wallet and User profile, ElsaAI not only enhances user convenience but also ensures that each transaction aligns perfectly with user goals.

So, if you've ever wished for a simpler way to manage your blockchain activities, ElsaAI is your answer. ElsaAI aims to transform your crypto experience from "What the heck?" to "Wow, that was easy!"

Who said crypto had to be complicated? Not us! 🤖

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